Welcome to North Ward, Townsville

This beautiful picturesque town has so much to see and do. Whether you’re looking to relax and enjoy the sun, delight your tastebuds with the local cuisine or take in the local culture, Townsville has something to offer everyone. Below are just some of the many highlights this beautiful town has to offer.

Jezzine Barracks

A significant site for both the Australian military and local Aboriginal People, the Jezzine Barracks are now open to the public and include coastal boardwalks, artwork, traditional plantings and parklands.

The 15-hectare heritage precinct commemorates the military and Aboriginal heritage of the Kissing Point headland through 32 specially commissioned public artworks, extensive interpretive signage and the restoration of significant elements of the Kissing Point Fort complex.

The space includes a coastal walkway connecting Rowes Bay and The Strand, observation decks up at Kissing Point Fort, traditional plantings along the ethno-botanical walk, the Crossed Boomerang Amphitheatre, Norman and Brigadier North parklands and the Kennedy Regiment Plaza.

The Rock Pool

A tourist friendly swimming area at the far end of the Strand (North end) which brings in sea water from the Ocean into a man-made rock pool where you can enjoy a dip or swim laps. There are lifeguards on duty and plenty of places to sit and relax on the grass in the shade with nice views out to the sea and to nearby Magnetic Island. 

Local Street Art

ROA Street Art’s most ambitious Townsville wall, this work is indicative of ROA’s inclination to ‘stack’ native fauna as part of his designs. Featuring a large-scale crocodile and turtle, the work took just a week to complete. ROA commented on the Street Art movement during his time in Townsville, stating, “It can provide inspiration and offer much enjoyment… Street art is a global movement with different practices and ways to approach it.”.

The Strand Water Park

Featuring new slides, a full range of new water play equipment, soft fall, landscaping, shade structures, lighting, formalised seating, and a toddler’s play area, the park offers something for all ages.

Parents will love the new safety features including a new fence to reduce the risk of kids running to the road, and more shading and lighting in the area.

The Water Park is open from 10am each day. It is closed Tuesdays except during school holidays. The park’s underground filtration system cleans and recycles the water used to ensure minimum wastage and maximum water efficiency.

Castle Hill Mountain

Just metres short of a mountain, Castle Hill is the giant pink granite monolith that stands proud in the centre of Townsville – a perfect place for visitors to orientate themselves.

As well as offering vehicle access, Castle Hill provides a number of popular walking tracks, which are frequented by more than 2,500 locals a day! The 360-degree views of Townsville at the top are well worth the journey. Be sure to have a camera on hand, particularly for sunrise or sunset as these are photo opportunities which shouldn’t be missed.

Castle Hill’s vantage was used by visiting American soldiers during World War II. A World War II observation bunker sits on one corner of the Hill reminding visitors of Castle Hill’s military history.

Castle Hill facilities include car parking, public amenities, drink fountains and shaded seating to enjoy while taking in some of the best views of the city and across to Magnetic Island.


Anzac Park (previously know as Strand Park) was very
popular with the settlers of Townsville as it was ideally
situated on the beach and near the early commercial
& port precincts.

Initially the park’s main focus was
recreation and relaxation with The Band Stand (now
more commonly known as the Rotunda) being built in
1913. The Band Stand was used to host open air

Museum of Tropical Queensland

The award-winning Museum of Tropical Queensland provides a snapshot of this diverse region of North Queensland, from World Heritage listed rainforest and reefs to the story of the shipwrecked HMS Pandora, the ship sent to capture the Bounty mutineers.

The Museum’s family-friendly exhibitions and displays explore life in the tropics from prehistoric times to modern day. Located in the heart of Townsville, the Museum has temporary and permanent exhibitions to captivate visitors and their school holiday programs offer something for kids of all ages.

The Great Gallery is dominated by a replica of the HMS Pandora, the ship sent by the British Admiralty in 1790 to capture the Bounty and her mutinous crew in Tahiti. Tragically, on her return journey in 1791, Pandora hit the Great Barrier Reef and sake. She remained undiscovered for 186 years and today, objects recovered from the wreck are part of this permanent exhibition.

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